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“Foreign minister attempted to purchase land for $250million, claiming it would be a ‘serious bit of real-estate’ after Brexit” (The Telegraph 3 April 2021)

“You can’t put a price on something that is unique,” said Mr. Ostreng, the polar research expert….but if you add in strategic value,” he said, “the price of this land is incalculable” (New York Times 27 September 2014 [on Svalbard property])

“…today, this Arctic desert is rapidly becoming the center of a new conflict…there have been moments of tensions in the Arctic over the past few decades, but Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February has sent the competition to new high…the Barents Sea is, I believe, one of the world’s most dangerous hotspots,” Tormod Heier, a researcher at the Norwegian Defence University College…other non-Arctic nations are vying for a foothold in the Arctic…” (Politico 17 December 2022)

“NATO should consider the security concerns specific to Svalbard when pondering its High North involvement…although Svalbard has generally been an area of peaceful cooperation, its unique geographical and legal features still make it a zone of tension…of no lesser importance is Svalbard’s significant geostrategic location…describe Svalbard as a potential “geopolitical flashpoint” or “epicenter of tensions”… (Arctic Review on Law and Politics vol. 14, 2023, pp. 76–82)

“Another rumor was that there was land for sale—and I don’t even know if there was—but they said that the Chinese wanted to buy that mountain range and it was a problem but for some reason these rumors go around…the participants joked openly about Russians not following the rules…and the Governor’s office may instead be turning a blind eye…the participant implies a balance of power issue, showing an underlying geopolitical insecurity…(Cambridge University Press: 30 January 2023)

“With the Arctic finding itself under ever greater global scrutiny due to climate change, and opening up to increased economic activities…the question of whether great power competition is spilling over into the far north has assumed greater importance. One aspect of this attention has been the idea of a probable, and perhaps even inevitable, Arctic pact between China and Russia” (The Diplomat 21 February 2024)

“After Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014, security affairs in the Arctic became more tense, with the final remnants of regional cooperation evaporating after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022. Moreover, some see Russian overtures to deepen ties with China as strengthening Beijing’s claim of being a “near-Arctic” state and thus posing a challenge to the seven other Arctic states… This growing geopolitical tension in the region warrants closer scrutiny by European High North countries, the NATO alliance, and the United States…an analysis of the links between geography and power politics around Svalbard..reveals the complexity of the geopolitical competition in the Arctic… China expressed concerns over whether Norway was overreaching in regard to its treaty obligations to foreign entities. As China has increasingly engaged with Arctic politics and governance, it has also become increasingly concerned with its “rights” and “interests” on Svalbard… the sum of the complaints could amount to a larger challenge to how Norway adheres to the treaty… the role Svalbard might play in a large-scale conflict that involves the Arctic cannot be ignored… While the Russian geopolitical threat remains paramount, Chinese encroachments facilitated by an isolated Russia may complicate the Arctic security landscape in the longer term…(Center for Strategic and International Studies 14 September 2023)

“China has been ramping up its efforts to push its way into the Arctic for years… (The Heritage Foundation 11 August 2023)

“The Arctic is currently a dark area on the map,” said Ketil Olsen, formerly Norway’s military representative in NATO and the European Union… “At the moment, the military balance in the Arctic is heavily weighted towards Russia,” said Colin Wall, research associate at Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington… (Reuters 16 November 2022)

“More aggressive posturing by Russia and China in the fast-melting Arctic is raising red flags for the Pentagon… Russia is working to quickly flex its muscle in the region through a partnership with China to build infrastructure along the Northern Sea Route… “The overarching risk I see is a warming Arctic is a busier Arctic,” Sikorsky said. “The backdrop to that is the increased geopolitical competition between NATO and Russia or the U.S. and China. I worry that the increased presence in the Arctic — both of military and commercial actors — increases the risk of accidents that could spill over into hotter conflicts.” (SCIAM 3 January 20249.